Blogging and the Benefits!

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Blogging has quickly become one of the most popular ways of communicating and sharing valuable thoughts. There are literally millions of blogs online. It’s a great way to express yourself and a fantastic way to share information with others. I observed during this module that titles and introduction should give readers a clue about the content of the post right away.  It’s important to avoid discussing any personal grievances publicly, and I thought that being positive, inspirational, and supportive to the community would be received better by the audience. I was overwhelmed when I learned that the best blogs were brief and to the point. Therefore, I divided the content into shorter paragraphs, because long blocks of text are hard for readers to digest. Especially when reading on computers or other devices. By limiting your word count readers simply get the details.  Also, I wanted classmates and other readers to take me seriously, so I tried to proofreader the blog post careful prior to publishing so the content would reflect the professional quality it deserves.

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I usually rely on blogs to provide information. So, my primary goal was to educate those that visit my blog. I attempted to create useful and informative post that connected with reader and trigger action.  After carefully reviewing Jennifer Jones Blog titled What’s now and what’s next in public relations and social media marketing. I discovered that blogging can make you become a better person and a better writer. I attempted to add links and include images to my post to give the site a unique personality, but I was unsuccessful due to time constraints. However, I plan to practice more so that I can master the design aspects of WordPress to build a site for my current business.

Furthermore, Blogging is a great way to build your social media identity,  because you must provide critical analysis, as well as interesting and cohesive content. This will allow visitors to the site to develop respect for your thoughts and this can steer more visitors to your site, which will eventually increase your social media presence. Compared to Facebook and Twitter, which has character limits. With Blogging you must design your statement, so that readers get the most out of every word, so that your entire message is well received, and visitors that read your blog will be fulfilled.

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A creative user friend blog site that is welcoming, will help individuals, corporations and organizations build a positive respectable online presence, which isn’t always easy. With millions of users and unlimited social media traffic bloggers content will not satisfy everyone. However, users and bloggers must always remember to post with caution, because what happens on the internet, stays on the internet. Those comments will be there for friends, family, and employers to see forever. So, it is critical for me and other social media users to remember to post or publish with caution. Therefore, I had to choose my comments wisely. I didn’t want to say anything disrespectful for everyone in the world to see. Even if you think no one will ever read your blog, or that no one will really care about your opinion you are incorrect.  Negative content will generate a negative social media identity, so post responsibly and honestly.

P.W. Scott


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